Brianna Pritchett


I talk to the people about how they use tools in their day to day life, then I work with designers to make those tools more usable!

I love getting to talk to real people who use the site!

I spend a LOT of time collaborating, sharing knowledge with all the other researchers. Otherwise my days vary a ton - some days I'm working weird hours to talk to people in other countries. Some days I am busy designing research or analyzing data, or just setting up tools for future research!

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science with a Minor in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon. Cognitive science is basically the study of how our brains work, often mixed with artificial intelligence. I worked in that area for a couple years at MIT, studying how our brains process language. Then, I went back to school at Georgia Tech to study Human-Computer Interaction, so that I could learn how to apply my psychological research skills to products!

I hope to be able to apply my skills to products that help address or reduce systemic inequalities. I'd love to work in accessibility - helping people with disabilities be able to participate in society independently and on equal footing.

I LOVE creating and exploring. I do a good amount of hiking and sometimes camp or ski. I also read as much as possible, anything from fantasy novels to textbooks. I'm trying to get into sewing as well - I'm working on some costumes to wear to an upcoming convention.

"Let us choose for ourselves our path in life, and let us try to strew that path with flowers." - Émilie du Châtelet