Berenice Mann

Senior Marketing Manager


I communicate the very technical concepts of Arm's business to both technical and non-technical people - you could say I'm a geek-translator!

I love working in a tech company, and being part of a great team. I work in the Architecture and Technology Group, which creates the basis for all the silicon chips that our partners make. I lead and manage marketing projects, called campaigns, for my group which involves working with people across the business and in other companies.

I have lots of meetings to share what we do in our group with other parts of the business, I work on how we brand up new products and ideas, how we message them, and how we will tell people outside Arm about them.

I started off as a scientist, working in research and development (I have a PhD in Physics). I then worked in industry as a project manager, gradually becoming more customer facing until I moved completely over to marketing over 15 years ago. I ran my own marketing company for 6 years and then returned to work in companies as a marketer. My combined skill set of technical background, project management and marketing is ideal for the technology sector.

I hope to continue to move onwards and upwards within my current company, taking on more of a leadership role. It’s a role where I continually learn new things, which is great.

I spend time with my family, I'm keen on musical theatre and both my daughters have performed over the years so I've spent time backstage, as well as treading the boards myself occasionally! I like all theatre, film and reading. I also love Pilates and yoga and walking and also going to the gym.

1. Just do it! 2. If it was easy, someone else would have done it. 3. If you do the same thing over and over again, you’ll get the same results. If you want a different result you have to change something.