Niharika Syamala

Engineering Manager (DevOps)

LexisNexis - We provide legal, regulatory and business information and analytics that help customers increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes, and advance the rule of law around the world.

I lead software engineers to deliver innovative solutions for the company

I love collaborating with different Developer teams and solve their problems with automation.

I talk to engineers on projects they are working on, help them understand the bigger picture, and unblock them from blockers.

I did major in Electronics and completed a master's in computer Networking. But choose computer science as a career where I can use Computer networking knowledge as well. I started my career as Intern and now in a Leadership role. My aspiration is to become a CTO of a big technology company in 10 years.

I will be a CTO one day. I am very passionate to motivate and bring more girls and young women into STEM.

I enjoy reading leadership books, hang out with friends for game/movie nights and binge-watch Netflix series that are centered around women empowerment. My favorite shows: Madam secretary, Queens Gambit.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started - Sally Berger