Rebecca Bourne

Product Owner

E.ON next! We're a cheerful energy company, here to make the world a slightly better place through renewable products that help our climate.

I'm a product owner. I set a compelling vision and purpose behind switching your energy supply, and my technology buddies to help me bring it to life for our customers when they join us!

I love that I work for a business that's new, exciting, has a fast pace and is very diverse! I get to talk to so many people and there is NO hierarchy! Just people doing amazing things.

No two days are the same for me, I talk to customers, computer geeks, energy specialists and regulators in our industry! I use these conversations to help me work quickly and adapt my plans to curate really awesome experiences for customers and colleagues.

I started my career as a contact centre agent, then I took a job in finance, which I really hated, but i learned that what I do best is customers! So I took a big step into technology and managed big projects that replaced clunky old systems with newer more creative products that help us delight our customers every single day.

My future involves a tyrannical cat, buying a camper van (electric of course) with my girlfriend Lisa! When I'm finished with my current work project I would like to get involved with electric vehicles and help clear our roads and motorways of polluting cars and making our energy supply systems carbon neutral! I'd like to help save our planet so I can visit more of it, sustainably.

I'm evangelical about coffee, the gym and mountains. I love the mountains! For fun I can be found trekking as often as possible. I am so privileged to have been to Everest, Kilimanjaro and the UKs Three Peaks. I'm a super passionate weight lifter and believe in the joy of moving my body through all ranges of motion and challenging myself to lift heavy with good form, so I can kick ass and climb mountains when I'm 80! I really enjoy cooking also, Asian food is my speciality!

Adventure is worthwhile in itself - Amelia Earhart