Manisha Malhotra

Information Developer

Arm Ltd. We're a semiconductor and software design company providing Processor IP to the world.

Develop documentation for the Cortex-A family of processors designed by other Arm engineers.

I write books in my spare time and my job allows me to combine these two skills and I get to use my detail-oriented, cautious eye to edit technical documentation to help other engineers build some fantastic products!

I normally start with a thorough investigation of my emails and then move to develop documentation. This could entail editing a book grammatically, peer review documentation, add technical details to reference manuals, testing the latest IP to understand how it works, consulting with engineers on doc details or debugging documentation code.

I studied Mechanical Engineering during my Bachelor's, Nanomaterials for my Masters but at the end of my university journey, I was fascinated by the ability to combine my writing and technical capabilities which led me to the job I now work in. In addition, my current manager interviewed me and he is fantastic which heavily drew me to the job.

I wish to achieve the following 5 things in the future : 1. Progress to a higher level in my career at Arm while collaborating with our Application Engineers 2. Work on and release my trilogy of novels starting with The Last Link 3 Release my third novel, The Therapist in tandem with Faber Academy 4. Finalise the design of the generator I worked on during my bachelors and masters and release it to the world 5. Release the design of the bioplastic based on peanut shells that I hold a pending patent for.

I read a lot, paint and do yoga to relax and for fun. Reading being my absolute favourite activity and consumes hours of my day at some stages.

My advice for reading is... do a lot of it. - Stephen King