Jaisal Surana

Data Modeler and Data Architect

Santander Bank

The passion and love for technology, design thinking, and business know-how has helped me grow and use this knowledge everyday and experience empathy, collaborate, and drive digital customer experiences. It drives my curiosity to learn and upskill something new to keep myself relevant and feel empowered in the world of tech.

Work is passion for me. I dive deep into business aspects and requirements to drive features, analyse gaps, carry out research using design thinking techniques leasing to business growth using software tools for requirements capture and help to create journeys or statistics to enable digitisation driving seamless customer experience across various telecom products and solutions.

I have a Master's degree in Telecommunications and Software Engineering . I also have an Engineering degree in Computer Science. I have over 16 years of experience in the IT industry. My interest in innovation, cutting edge technology, and my background in STEM has driven me to this point to tie back business and technology for meaningful, customer experience. I am also an AI enthusiast and hence been an active member in AI-based communities.

I am an enthusiastic, curious learner. I am working on AI , XR technologies and build an ethical framework for Ethical and Responsible practices around new technologies. I think need to empower ourselves first as individuals before we talk about women empowerment. Digital technologies will bring meaningful experiences along with sustainability, if we work together towards it.

I am a volunteer, active participant, moderator, speaker, and Relationship Manager with MKAI *mkai.org. I am an Enterprise Advisor for special ability school children with the help of SEMLEP in the UK. I also on the Data Science Advisory Board of the Cranfield University. For fun, I like spending time with my son, I love to read, travel, meet friends, always be happy, and help to motivate others.

Curiosity, positivity, energy, power to upskill and determination will lead to your journey no matter how many obstacles you may encounter nothing can stop you. We are the voice to empower ourselves.