Kayleigh Gray

Business systems manager

PPLPRS. We provide music licences for businesses so they can play music. We're not for profit and the money goes to our members so they can keep playing music.

I manage a team of people who fix the issues in our system. The team also make changes to improve the systems for our users so we can provide a better customer experience.

I enjoy supporting the team to think about changes and challenge their thinking to make great changes with the tools we have. I love seeing people develop and evolve.

I have meetings with my team and project teams to make sure everyone is on track and help remove things that are getting in the way. I work with our business teams to encourage collaborative thinking to get the best possible end result.

I started as an advisor in a call centre and worked up to a managers role. Tried my hand at marketing then moved into business systems. I love the systems side of things because I enjoy seeing changes and quick turnarounds.

I just really love coaching people and seeing them grow. In most capacities of life I find I take a leadership role. I'm not huge for personal plans and assess opportunities as they come my way.

I'm a fitness fanatic so enjoy working out, walking, reading and spending time with family and friends.

"Comparison is the thief of joy." - President Theodore Roosevelt