Steph Dove

Project Manager

Arm - we are a huge Semiconductor company, and we provide the technology that sits in the electronic sillicon chips in billions of devices, such as phones and laptops, worldwide.

My job is to take ideas for products, and build them out with my teams into big plans and product designs. Other teams in Arm then make products from our designs, and eventually they end up as chips in your devices

I love the creativity! I adore working with people, and I work with amazing teams all across Arm, and I love the sense of achievement from being part of big projects that actually make lives better out there in the real world!

I spend my day talking to people - I am the one the sets up meetings, working out the right people who need to be talking to each other, and organising the plans and makes sure things happen when they are suppost to. I am the facillitator - the one that pulls all the strings to keep projects on track.

I have worked with people for a very long time, and I love to manage teams so I can help them develop and fulfill their potential. I am also very organised,and I am good at keeping a 'big picture of what is going on' in my head, so I can visualise a basic plan that might work very quickly. I can also then 'zoom in' on it and see gaps and identify problems very fast. That made project management a natural career step for me.

I never know what my future holds, but I will always want it to inolve working with people. The biggest pleasure in my working life is helping people have the best life and happiest career they possibly can.

I love to spend time with my family. My son is grown up now, but my daughter is just a little older than you - we love to cook together, go to the cinema, and be creative... and the cats. There is ALWAYS room in our world for cuddling the cats.

Never be afraid to be you! Go for your dreams, work hard, and your future can be what you want it to be!