Saritha Parsoya

Software Quality Engineer

eBay Inc.

I work as a Mobile Quality Engineer and make sure that my feature is useful to user. It should be easy to handle and should be bug free. I also help team in experimentation to introduce new ideas or feature into the app.

I enjoy to look for different ideas and the way it can be implemented in our product. I love to make sure my feature is bugfree and give best output to user.

I start my day looking at automation result and make sure no existing feature is broken. I talk to my team to look for any urgent issue. I work towards testing new feature or automating existing feature. Also, provide support to developer who need some help.

I did Master in Computer Science and Master in Business Administration to get formal degree. Learn Coding language C, C++ and Objective C to start my career as junior iOS Application developer. After that continuous learning in same field and contributing in existing task helps me get in-depth knowledge

I want to keep on working in software field learning new technology.

I love hiking, visiting new places and sit ideal peacefully to enjoy the nature.

"Love for everyone"