Vaishali Satpute

Full stack Software Engineer

eBay and we provide the platform to help you buy and sell things. We are one of the ecommerce leader.

I design and develop the software to help buying and selling the items.

I love coding, designing the product, and this job helps me do that. I also interact with many other talented folks, we talk, and it helps me become more knowledgeable and intelligent.

Mostly my day starts at 9 am with a cup of coffee and greeting my team. Then we all goto meeting and discuss the work we did yesterday and what we are planning to do today. I also ask for help if I am stuck with my work. Then I do coding. Send work emails. Eat lunch with my team. Again do coding and attend the meeting, if any. Take a coffee break. Finish the work. Go home at 5 :).

I finished high school as a science student and joined the college as an electronics engineering. When I finished my engineering, there was a boom in IT, and I got attracted to computer programming. I did complete a diploma in advanced computing and understood the world of coding. And that's how I started my journey towards coding, designing, and building software. Today I am working for a leading e-commerce company where I build a different product that everyone buy and sell :). I enjoy my work every day.

As a professional software engineer, I would like to use my coding knowledge and help others teach and understand coding. I believe computer knowledge is for everyone. One day, I would like to start my own company to help everyone in the world learn to code.

I love spending time with my two daughters. We cook together, watch movies, go hiking and read.

I believe in one thing, "Maybe today you failed, but tomorrow you will succeed," so keep doing what you love doing.