Umabala Ganti

Senior QA Engineer

Ebay - we provide girls the resources to set up their own online business.

I make sure that the ebay platform is free of defects. This helps buyers and sellers to have a nice experience when buying or selling

I have the power to give our customers an easy experience on site

I plan how to test the application, how to set up data for testing and what kind of scenarios to test.

I started off as a programmer in Infosys in India. I then moved to the testing role. I loved the power of making something better, finding ways to break the application. It is easy and I stayed on

A life dedicated to volunteering with kids

I love to hang out with friends and kids. I love to teach. I love to watch movies and shows like Jessie, Sabrina, Stuck in the Middle, Girl meets World, Just add magic

It is not what you wear, but how you carry it that makes a difference!