Shamna Mattammel

MTS2, Software Engineer

eBay - An online marketplace for selling and buying items

I am a senior engineer in eBay's Platform Security team. This team is responsible for providing services that protects core infrastructure and applications.

I love seeing the impact that my work brings to eBay everyday as eBay's critical systems depend on the services that our team provides and I also love working with new engineers in our team and helping them succeed

I spend my day working with my colleagues discussing how to keep improving our services and provide a great experience for our service's customers

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering. I started my career about 15 years ago as a software engineer after graduating from college . I worked there for 4 years and continued working for a couple of other companies before i moved to the US. I started working for Apple, where i got exposed to application security and i realized that is the area that i really wanted to focus on. After spending couple of years there, i got this amazing opportunity to work for eBay and help redesign eBay's application security.

I would love to grow into a person that my family would be proud of

I love gardening and it gives me great pleasure watching my plants grow. I also love solving puzzles and jigsaws

"With great power comes great responsibility"— Spider-Man