Amna Habiba


Global Creative Hub and MoodUp-Mental Health App

I have two start-ups that I am working on. In the first one I teach young students 21st century skills through trainings, sessions, etc. In the other one, I work to build an app that can help teens with their mental health and well-being.

I love passing on my knowledge to others and impacting underprivileged girls through my events. I also like being able to provide solutions and help teens identify the influence of certain factors on their mood through my app. To be concise, I love helping out others and giving back to my community by working voluntarily.

So work for me looks a bit different as compared to adults, as I am still a school-going student. On days that I have school I work during the evenings, and the days that I don’t have school, I work in the morning. As I am the founder of both start-ups, I can flexibly work whenever I want! I try to prioritize tasks and focus on the big ones at hand, and do the small ones during free time. This helps me get lots of work done due to productive scheduling.

My journey started back in 2020 when my mom introduced me to e-learning. I was inspired by it so much that I wanted to learn more and then also give back to my community by passing on my acquired knowledge and impacting others. By getting hold of every new opportunity in front and being keen to learn and take on new challenges I was able to achieve all that I have till now. All of course due to the motivation and inspiration from my mom and those who believed in me.

My future holds lots of amazing things. As I am still young, I am sure that there is a long journey ahead of me which only I can pave. Giving back to the society has always been a key integral part of whatever I do. In the future I aspire to be a paediatrician, women in tech, researcher, writer, speaker, and innovator. I am passionate to connect two of my passions; tech and health through any way possible and create something amazing!

Everything that I do is considered an activity for me instead of “work”. I enjoy everything that I do, especially the design part. I love designing! In my free time, I create posters, websites, wireframes, and more. I also love organizing stuff which is called “project management” in the adult world.

We all have the same 24 hours, you can choose to use them wisely-and change the world. (Amna Habiba - aged 15)