Gretchen Storer

Operations Specialist

Girls Leadership Academy Meetup (GLAM Ready to Lead)

I currently work two roles. As an independent academic tutor, I work with students who need additional support. Not only do I help them complete their assignments, but I also help them build their academic and social-emotional skills through games and mental puzzles. As an Operations Specialist for GLAM Ready To Lead, I help promote their mission to empower girls and young women become the leaders of tomorrow!

I love both learning and helping others. In both of these roles, I help others become excited about their own learning!

I really enjoy working with others and collaborating on projects, so being part of an amazing team with GLAM Ready To Lead is wonderful! As we all work remotely, it’s important for us to have frequent virtual meetings so we stay connected with each other and on schedule with our tasks.

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology with Marine Concentration degree because I am fascinated by the world's ocean, wetlands, and tidal places. I have been working as an educator for almost two decades. I enjoy sharing my love of learning, especially in the fields of science and math. With GLAM Ready To Lead, I hope to continue to inspire other young girls to pursue interests in the STEAM fields and to follow their interests and passions, wherever they may lead!

There's so much I still hope to experience and to learn! I will continue to do my part to help heal the planet, especially our world ocean and aquatic environments. I will also continue to promote educational equity, global sustainability, human integrity, and STEAM diversity through my job roles and volunteer positions.

I love to spend time outdoors, especially in the woods and/or along water. I enjoy walking, observing, exploring, gardening, wild bird watching, and taking photographs. I also love science, so I read a lot of science books and watch nature documentaries. 'My Octopus Teacher' is a favorite film!

“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori from 'To Educate the Human Potential'