Claire Charles

People Technology Manager


We design architecture for technology products such as mobiles phones and computers. I work with business departments to help them solve problems through the use of technology., and helping them identify opportunities to improve processes and become more efficient.

I love working with and helping people. I have met some very inspiring people at work. I really enjoy being part of a team, learning about those I work with and for, and helping us to achieve our goals.

My day typically involves lots of meetings, discussing problems, and working with the software engineers and team members how we can solve the problems the software users are facing. We then have to plan the work together to make sure we can achieve what we want.

I came to this career in Technology quite a bit later in life than most. I had a career in a very different industry before having my children, but have always been fascinated with Information Technology so this was a really exciting opportunity for me, and something I should have pursued earlier BUT it's never too late and here I am!

I love taking on a new challenge, getting involved in new things, and being part of a community. I don't really know what I want to do forever yet; I'm still exploring!

Outside my family and work, I love playing tennis. I loved taking part in most sports at school and played netball until discovering tennis 11 years ago. I help at the local tennis club and would encourage anyone to give it a go. If you can throw and catch a ball, then you can probably play tennis.... and like anything, practice makes progress.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein