Emily Blake

Project Manager


Arm© is a global technology company that design intellectual properties (IP). The IPs could be, for example, silicon chips, processor units and software codes. Arm technology is everywhere - 70% of the world’s population uses arm technology (smart phones, internet of things, etc). This is my first job role after University and I am still exploring exactly what I am interested in doing. I have spent some time doing different things recently it has been looking at organizing the project that we are currently working on. Before this, I was looking at data from the different products that we make and if there are areas that we could improve and before that I was writing technical documentation on the products that we make.

I love that I get to speak to so many people within the company, this might be understanding what they are requiring the team to do or just getting a better understanding of their job role. Also I love that I am constantly learning new things.

Every day is different, as there can be challenges that arise about the current work that the team is doing and part of my job role is to remove these. I will then spend some of my time looking at our upcoming work and understanding the priorities.

I have a degree in Computer Science, where during this I did a year in industry working for GSK.

At the moment, my role is more related to project management and this is something that I really enjoy. Therefore, I am hoping to pursue this avenue further and lead larger projects.

I really love running and through this, I get to explore new places. There are other things that I enjoy doing in my free time like reading, baking, especially eating the food after! And let's be honest, watching a good series on Netflix, too!

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that is why they call it the present." - Eleanor Roosevelt