Jade Wang

Vice President of Membership and Machine Learning Developer

Launchpad at UC Berkeley

We are a group of UC Berkeley students that solve problems by building intelligent software. By connecting research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision, our teams work to deploy fully functioning applications that are usable at scale.

I love getting to talk to so many different people and allow everyone to voice their own thoughts and opinions. Everyone has such great ideas, and I love getting to hear about them and working with the team to make these ideas a reality.

Typically, my day at work would be spent having meetings. Sometimes, these meetings will be one-on-one, other times, they will be huge organization-wide meetings, and sometimes, they're somewhere in between. During our meetings, we discuss plans, ideas, and how we are working towards executing these plans and ideas.

I started off having smaller roles within other organizations, such as school clubs and robotics teams. My first major leadership role was at my high school's Girls Who Code club. My experiences in these roles eventually gave me the courage and confidence to apply to start a branch of the nonprofit Superposition in my community, and led me to become Superposition Fremont's Chapter Lead.

To be honest, I'm not sure what I want to do in the future and that's completely okay! I love so many different things, from programming to business, that my future has a huge variety of options that I would love to explore. Eventually, I hope that somewhere in my future, I am able to make something, whether that be an app, a game, or something else, that helps other people.

I love exploring the world - from trying new foods and cultures to watching movies and TV shows in another language (Korean dramas are my favorite) to just finding new places to shop (malls, grocery stores, you name it)! I just love trying new things. I also love documenting my experiences, mainly food-related ones, which I post about on my Instagram account @jadethewangster!

"The secret to success is dreaming big, and then taking that dream and making it ten times bigger. Work towards that massive dream, set that bar high for yourself, take that leap of faith; if you actually accomplish that magnified dream, great! If you don't, chances are you probably achieved your original dream. It's a win-win either way, so start dreaming today!"