Lina Maria Lozano Wilches

Part-Time Undergraduate - Hardware

Arm - A semiconductor and software design company to create the technology of the future

I create scripts that allow us to analyze the performance of a test and extract data.

Everyday is slightly different, as you have to adapt to the current needs of the team. It is never boring!

Always team meetings in the mornings. Then I have time on my own to develop my work day. Then meetings later in the day to discuss work with the team.

I study Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Management at Imperial College and I have just finished my 3rd year. I still have one more year of university. I worked in 2018 at JLR for a summer internship. Last year, I did an internship at Arm and I really enjoyed my time, so I am back to working at Arm again!

I want to start my company as a consultancy for chip design!

Musical Theatre, so for fun I will go and watch shows at West End!

"You can show more of the reality of yourself instead of hiding behind a mask for fear of revealing too much." - Betty Friedan