Valeria Parnenzini

Senior Software Engineer

Arm - we design the technology behind smartphones and computers.

I write software that creates virtual smartphones and computers - without having an actual one.

I enjoy working on problems and figuring out a way to solve them.

My typical day at work includes writing some code to solve specific problems, and/or investigating why something does not work as expected in the product.

After graduating from high school, I got a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, after which I got a Master's Degree in Robotics Engineering. Then, I worked as a graduate engineer in another couple of companies before joining Arm. The three main skills that allowed me to get hired for my current role at Arm are: 1. Solid knowledge of C/C++, which are the programming languages that I use on a daily basis. 2. Solid understanding of how computers work - this is a knowledge mainly acquired during my Bachelor's. 3. Solid understanding of Computer Science fundamentals.

I wish I could travel to space one day!

I like hiking, running, playing the bass guitar, and also doing some casual programming!

"Only those who dare may fly!" ~ Luis Sepúlveda