Kiran Yella

Global Program Manager

Bio-Rad : One of the leading Life Sciences and Clinical Diagnostics organization that is impacting lives globally.

I collaborate with business partners and cross functional teams like Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing etc, through managing projects. Typically, the projects involve launching a product in the market, acquiring a new company, and improving current process efficiency.

I get to establish a clear plan for the team, starting from scratch or having no idea what the project is about. I love what I do, as I get to show people how to get things done and ensure they do it.

I start by checking my calendar and be prepared for upcoming meetings for the projects I work on. Typically, the meetings involve me with assigning tasks or action items , making important notes and sharing with team later, conduct Brainstorming sessions to create a list of activities for a project, etc. I make sure everyone had a clear idea of next steps before we end the meeting.

I started my career as a Tech Support analyst, answering calls and troubleshooting technical issues related to laptop and internet connection. From there, I grew up the ranks and got myself trained and certified as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. It sounds like Karate belt, but it's more about improving process and doing more with less resources. Through Lean Six Sigma, I have managed Process improvement projects globally, which moved me to Global PMO at Bio-Rad. I work with teams across US, Canada, Brazil and Mexico (Americas), as well as Europe, Middle East Africa, and Asia Pacific teams, as well.

I plan to move up the ladder and branch out into Strategy and Planning team, where I get to work on setting Organization level goals, making sure every member of the organization knows what exactly they need to do, so that they all collectively achieve the goals set.

I enjoy cooking global cuisine, baking cakes and cookies. I love playing sports and games like: Ping pong, Shuttle Badminton, learning chess now! I also enjoy creating promotional material for social events, like flyers, videos, etc. I read audio books and enjoy writing blogs and books. I authored one book and co-authored another.

Life is short, live it to the fullest! Live everyday like it's your last!