Nadine Fares

a "Law Masters" student and an Ambassador of Inclusion

I study at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Also, I am an ambassador of inclusion at Empowerment Through Integration ETI, an NGO that specializes in empowering youth with disabilities and eliminating cultural discrimination.

As a Law postgraduate student, I am almost done with my LLM, Masters in Laws. I aspire to have a future career that joins the fields of law, governance, health, and human rights. As an ambassador, my mission is to share the values and morals of ETI, and help them transform cultural stigmas into inclusive visions, to create a united society.

I love both my academic and voluntary work because they allow me to engage more with the society, look at life from other people’s perspectives, and act accordingly. Both can help Me leave a positive impact, and that is my life-goal.

Right now, I am working on finalizing my LLM thesis while managing my other volunteering positions. In parallel, and since learning never ends, I am taking online courses about different subjects to enhance my personal and professional skills as much as I can. So a typical day for me involves waking up, preparing a realistic 'to do list' for my different roles, and trying my best to follow it. When I was younger, I remember getting really frustrated when the lists I would make were not properly followed. Now, I think it's normal and fine to feel unproductive sometimes and to take a short break from your plans. What's important is the resilient attitude you should have once you decide to get back on track!

It took Passion and Patience! Being passionate about something and knowing that good things take time will always help you get to wherever/whatever you want. I was so passionate about the programs I was enrolled in and that motivated me to gain the skills and qualifications. That did not happen it a short period of time - I needed to earn my positions.

My goal is to leave the world better than how I came to it. Through my academic and work experiences, I want to contribute to overall development in aims of eliminating discrimination, injustice, and poverty.

I’ve been playing the piano and guitar ever since I was a child. I also love to draw, play sports (specifically Badminton), and watch sunsets/sunrise while I drink coffee!

“ You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.” - Sabrina Bryan