Stephanie Luna-Lopez

GLAM Operations Specialist

Girls Leadership Academy Meetup

I work on organizing the events, preparing materials for sessions, and reviewing feedback to improve future events!

I love seeing the vision boards and business pitches! It feels like a sweet treat for all of the work that goes into each event when I get to see all of your creativity in practice.

Communication is key! I check in with my team every day and create a to-do list to make sure I am meeting deadlines. I work a lot with surveys and spreadsheets to prepare and evaluate events. I also communicate with parents/guardians, as well as the companies that we partner with to make sure GLAM virtual events are successful.

I actually began as a GLAM mentor when I was in college and then I volunteered to interviews for the GLAM website. Now I get to work behind the scenes to put on amazing events as an official member of the GLAM team!

I plan on continuing my education! I love learning new things and growing my skill sets!

I enjoy playing tennis, cooking, and catching up with friends! My favorite dish to make is ceviche.

Every "no," closed door, or rejection is not a failure, just a redirection. Keep moving forward!