Shruti Jain

Software Engineer

Cisco: We empower the Internet

I work in a team that makes networks programmable. That means that you can program the whole network and not need to configure and manage each device individually.

I get to work with a variety people and problems and get to solve new challenges.

I meet people, discuss issues, and solve them and I code!

I got interested in computers in school and learned to code a bit. I really enjoyed it and decided to specialize in Computer Science and took relevant courses in college. Then I worked for some time and saw that networks were the backbone of all internet and chose to study more about networks. Now I work at Cisco, a company that makes networks happen! :)

I am open to growth and I adapt well. I think future holds a great many things for me. It holds better understanding and better solutions!

I love to read and dance and sleep! FYI... I am a Harry Potter fan.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?