Berenice Guerra Martinez

Technical Account Manager

Cisco Systems

Cisco is one of the biggest Telecommunications companies. It is a great place to work and an awarded technology leader. I focus on post-deployment engagement with ThousandEyes customers to ensure the best possible product experience. I work to create a long-lasting impact on our customers.

I love to keep learning and my job keeps challenging me! There are always new technologies and new things that I need to learn to be on top of the support and my professional development. I also love that I'm able to expand my interests and innovate everywhere I can, just as I am!

I spend my day on calls with customers, like their best technical friend. I offer them the best solutions to implement our product through their business to achieve their goals and ensure the best end-user experience. Imagine your internet connection as a high-speed racecar, and ThousandEyes as the expert mechanics fine-tuning its engine. Just like a racing car needs precision and real-time adjustments, your digital experience deserves the same attention. ThousandEyes acts as your digital dashboard, providing clear insights into the twists and turns of the online world.

I started participating in STEM events organized by Cisco while in high school. It became my dream and goal to join Cisco once I started to look for a job. I always go beyond, and I knew I needed to learn a lot in addition to my career subjects. I noticed cybersecurity and programming were the main skills to join the company of my dreams. I tried several times until I achieved my goal. I have been 5 years at my dream job, and I'd love to spend many more years to come here!

I just know that every day I live with success. I'm not looking for a future so far because I'm confident that if I keep living each day, being grateful for the success of each minute, I'll keep achieving great things that keep me happy!

I do a lot of additional things that fulfill me and make me so happy. My second job is to keep supporting these types of STEM programs, to keep inspiring other girls to achieve their goals. I was born from these kind of initiatives, so I'm very confident in the great results they bring. In addition to that, I am an entrepreneur and I have my own brand of personalized t-shirts. I also love to dance, sing, listen to, and play music, go to concerts, and travel around the world!

Chase your dreams until they come true. Above all, make sure that whatever you decide makes you happy. It may not be the easiest way, but when things get complicated, this is when you realize that it is really worth achieving!