Rachel Rees

DIrector of Licensing

Arm Ltd A semiconductor and software design company based in Cambridge, England. Our primary business is the design of chip processors (CPUs). It is considered to be market dominant for processors in mobile phones (smartphones or otherwise), tablet computers, and in smart TVs. In total, over 160 billion chips have been made for various devices based on designs from Arm! That's more than from any other company!

I work with with our business partners on behalf of Arm. I negotiate legal contracts in regards to Arm's support & services (such as design reviews, training and documentation). I am responsible for a multimillion $ revenue target. I sit on the Leadership team and chair the extended leadership team for the division.

The ability to flex and find new ways to engage with our partners and to find a win-win deal. The ability to ensure that we maximize the revenue for the business.

Tracking ongoing deals, negotiating contracts, forecasting, and working towards our divisional goal of development, engagement and diversity & inclusion.

I started work as a billing manager for BT, heading up a team of 12. There I worked as a PA to an MP. I then joined Arm to manage their distributor network. I moved to a licensing role after 3 years and have now specialise in the Partner Enablement function.

I'm looking to reach a promotion of Senior Director within the next 12 months and become a role model to others in the company; there still needs to be more senior leaders that are female as far as I am concerned!

I love music ( especially live music), cooking and travel.

"Be yourself - everyone else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde (poet & playwright)