Diana Stefanescu

Operations Analyst


We enable our engineers and partners to bring new technologies to shape our future. My job is a bit of a jack of all trades, from reporting, customer services, training new recruits, financial bits, to a mental health first aider, and a bunch of other things to help all our projects grow.

I love that I get to work on different things; my job is not boring! I also cover more than one role, so I get to see the bigger picture and how things come together. On top of that, I get to do exciting things like volunteering and getting involved with Diversity & Inclusion!

I start by checking emails and putting out anything that is urgently on fire. I check the customer enquiries and any new donation requests. If it's the beginning of a new month & quarter, I jump on the reports. In between all this, I fit in any meetings and tasks from my stakeholders (have a few of them) and projects relating to ideas I want to implement.

I don't have much in terms of formal qualification. I finished college at 18. I went through engineering university, but because of some personal circumstances, I was not able to finish. However, I have not sat idle! I have been in a full-time job since I was 19, so most of my education happened at the workplace. My previous roles ranged from investigation of fraud trends to a bit of people management. I cemented a wide range of skills in years of work.

Hopefully, something amazing! I would love to lead my own team someday! I love helping people and mostly helping them grow into amazing professionals. I would love to take on a role that involves more fraud investigations, as it has been my one true "work loves" since my first job.

Ah! Going to be a bit cliché here, but I love gaming and nice walks in the evening. Sometimes, I like to draw anime characters, but I am not super good at it yet. Or when I am feeling very energetic, I tend to do all sorts or house work, be it a wall that needs painting or re-decorating the lounge.

"Be a little better tomorrow than you were today".