Chelsey Baker

Chief Executive Officer

National Mentoring Day is a non-profit organization that supports mentors and mentoring initiatives across the world. Our mission is to make mentoring accessible to everyone, regardless of age, background or ethnicity. We provide a platform for mentoring programs to share their mentoring news, stories and impact throughout the year, this helps amplify their message, giving them a national voice to drive opportunities for business growth.

We campaign to raise awareness on the benefits and impact of mentoring. We signpost mentoring opportunities and encourage organisations to launch their own mentoring programs and inspire individuals to become a mentor or seek mentoring. We love to shine a light on mentors and mentoring programs making a difference.

With mentoring, I show people how to reach their true potential and I get to pass on all the skills, knowledge, and experience that I have to others. I try to positively impact the lives of as many people as I can.

My work involves overseeing marketing, media and public relations campaigns. This involves all aspects of communication from content creation, writing, branding, design, press outreach (pitching and speaking to the media), and presenting interviews. As an expert in public speaking I get to train many business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to deliver their business pitch and mentor them to professionally speak on television, on stage, and to the media.

As a leading public speaking expert and UK's No 1 pitching expert, I have won many high profile awards for my mentoring. For over 20 years, I worked in media, television, publishing, public relations, and marketing. This experience, combined with my awards, and passion for mentoring, led me to become a global campaigner and champion for mentoring.

I will write a book about mentoring where I will share my lifetimes work to guide others. I will exit my company and then work with my church to serve the community, helping the homeless and help others find their faith and purpose in life.

I meditate and volunteer my time to help charities and my community. I like singing badly to Karaoke songs on my television!

"We all have the opportunity to positively impact someone's life and mentoring is the gift that keeps on giving." Chelsey Baker, CEO National Mentoring Day