Faith Mumba, Ph.D.

Senior Resident Medical Officer

Ndola Teaching Hospital

I am certified medical doctor for the general management of patients in Zambia and the UK . I plan on specializing in pediatrics so that I can work more closely with children.

The most satisfying thing about my job is seeing a sick child get better and start playing again. It warms my heart.

I have different work activities depending on the day. For example, when I am working at the children's hospital, I do ward rounds and visit patients. On clinic days, I review patients. On theatre days, we perform operations and procedures. On call days, I work for 24 hours and see all the patients who come to the hospital. I also work some weekends.

My interest in medicine developed over the years. I had to learn how to take care of the sick at an early age. My father died of a chronic illness, which fueled my passion to take care of people going through similar experiences. When I started medical school, I went through different departments and fell in love with the work done in the pediatrics department. Additionally, I realized that the majority of the medical students were men, and that women needed to work extra hard to get into medical school.

I plan to specialize in pediatrics after my foundation year and specializing in the UK. I am currently studying for the UK medical license exams.

Mmh... I rarely have free time... When I do, I love to watch comedy movies, cook, and go for a drive.

You have the ability to achieve so much; all that is needed of you is to believe in yourself and work hard!