Shante Ladson

Creative Director and Founder

Get Up Sis Nonprofit Organization provides support and self-care for women with mental health disorders, infertility, and PCOS.

I create self-care experiences for women with mental health and reproductive disorders. Some women have difficulty becoming pregnant or birthing a baby, which is called infertility. Others have a hormonal disorder called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). These reproductive disorders can cause mental health challenges. I also feed the homeless on a weekly basis.

I love creating self-care events and watching women enjoy themselves there. I also love being able to give someone a hot meal.

A typical day at work for me is inventorying our event supplies, prepping donations for our homeless outreach, as well as operating our website and email.

My journey to Creative Director and Founder started at the early age of 6 years, when I started feeding the homeless. Then as I grew up, I invited others to join me. This led me to become the Creative Director and Founder of my nonprofit organization, Get Up Sis.

My future is bright! I have so much in store for my nonprofit. We plan to grow so we can help women with mental health disorders all over the world.

I love picnics. Even if I'm home, I love to put down a fluffy blanket, eat lunch, and enjoy a great movie. I love board games, as well. They're so much fun!

Our mental health matters. Getting up is hard, but you can do it, Sis!