Dasia Taylor

CEO and Founder


As an entrepreneur, I work for myself! I travel around the country and speak at various schools and organizations to inspire young people. I'm also an inventor. I created a medical device, which required a lot of time, but I LOVED it! 1. I build relationships with young aspiring researchers, inventors, and many other amazing people! 2. I mix a bunch of things together and hope it doesn't explode. ;-)

I love that I'm able to inspire young people to be their authentic selves and be curious about new things. For the science part, I love that I'll never be an expert! I will always be learning something new and that's exciting!

Travel Speaking Edition: Usually, I wake up super early (5-6am) to catch an early morning flight to a new destination. Once I arrive, I take an Uber to a hotel and take a nap. If I'm traveling during the school year, when I wake up, I'll have a few assignments to complete. After that's done, it's time to get ready to met new people and learn about all of their hopes and dreams! Lab Edition: Lab days are a bit different. I'm able to wake up way later (8am) and drive to my lab. On any given day, I spend 6 to 8 hours in the lab working on things because lab tests can be very time-consuming. Regardless, it's really fun! I play music on a loud speaker and I jam out while transferring samples! If I'm doing something repetitive and doesn't require a ton of brain power, I'll have a Netflix show on for background noise.

I started doing research when I was a junior in high school by signing up for a science fair. I've learned that you can start in middle school, sometimes even in 6th grade. I had an amazing mentor who taught me the basics of lab safety, lab equipment, and experiments I could try to yield the results I was describing. The only requirements to get started in research are determination and curiosity!

I hope that everyone around the world uses my color-changing stitches to prevent death from infections. I also want to travel globally to speak at organizations and inspire young people from different countries!

Because my work is very time consuming, on top of school work, it's very important to have wind-down activities that are fun and relaxing. 1. Visiting my favorite arcade I'm literally a child at heart! I love going to arcades to play all kinds of games. Fun fact: I won the TV in my dorm at the arcade! 2. Vinyl hunting I LOVE music! Honestly, music is my first love and passion. Over the past year, I've been getting into vinyl collecting which is calming and relaxing. I have so much joy when I come across one of my favorite albums; words can't explain how I felt when I came across The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill!!!

You can do anything you put your mind to!" - My mom