Navya Tyagali

Public Speaker & STEM Enthusiast

I attend Archbishop Mitty High School, where I’m an active participant in our Speech and Debate Program. I'm also involved in advocacy groups at my school.

Currently, I’m a student and I love it! I love learning and gaining knowledge. I thoroughly enjoy my science, debate, and English classes.

I have always been someone who loves learning. Participating in GLAM in June 2019 helped me discover my love for public speaking. I enjoy informing others on topics that I am passionate about, which is why I participate in Speech & Debate.

Each day, I have around 3-4 classes on subjects ranging from Geometry & Biology, to French & English. After school, I usually have Debate meetings or Advocacy meetings, where we speak to California legislators and plan school-wide movements.

I became interested in STEM back in fourth grade, when I discovered neuroscience and thought it was the coolest area of study. After attending 2 live GLAM events, I realized that I love public speaking and critical thinking a lot more than I previously did. I started looking into public speaking programs where I could discuss a range of topics, including STEM. This led me to join the Speech & Debate program in high school, where I have been able to further develop my critical thinking and public speaking skills.

Currently, my dream is to study political philosophy & law in England. From there, I want to pursue law or public policy! STEM is such an integral part of public policy, as legislation surrounding STEM is how you bring new technology to everyday citizens.

For fun, I LOVE watching musicals and participating in theatre productions. I also love baking, shopping, and scrolling through Pinterest for hours upon hours.

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” - Coco Chanel