Brooklyn Bevans

Information Security Analyst

ICF is a global consultant firm for digital services for both federal and private sector companies.

I work on digital forensics and incident response, as well as malware investigations. I also manage Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and risky sign-ins.

I love forensics! Drilling down into investigations is tedious, but also fun.

I check risky sign-ins and investigate them. I investigate alerts for malware. I perform employee investigations by showing what a user has done on their machine. For example, I can see websites, apps used, emails both received and sent, and more.

I have 3 certifications; the most recent one is Computer Hacker Forensic Investigator. I started as a web designer, then a UX designer, then a systems analyst, then a penetration tester, then an incident responder, and now I work in forensics.

I'd like a position in leadership in the future. I want to become the Director of Forensics and Incident Response. I'd also like to brand myself as a 'thought leader' in Digital Forensics.

I love to read and watch murder mysteries. I like to draw. I love to travel. And I'm a kickboxer - LOVE it - best workout ever - best time of my day!

"Preparation is key! Stay prepared for the opportunity that will fall in your lap."