Lauren Christian

Technical Account Manager

Dragos - ICS/OT cybersecurity

Work with customers to educate them on cybersecurity, the use of the Dragos platform, and assist with threat hunting and notification triage.

I love having a chance to take my experience and help teach others how to be more cyber aware. I work with a variety of customer types, and they each have unique needs which keeps things from getting mundane.

I spend most of my days talking to customers, conversations vary from new threat intel that's been received and why it's important to their business, to discussing how they can do more with our platform to better their security stance. When I'm not talking to customers, I'm coordinating with my internal teams. Usually around threat hunts, notification triage, helping bridge between different teams, and getting in some hands on practice to keep my technical skills sharp.

My journey started with pursuing a vocal music degree, ultimately decided that I liked computers more and switched to Computer Science. First job was a programmer with a consultant firm working with aerospace and telecommunication customers mostly. I found myself enjoying talking to customers and that was something my team was lacking so I started to fill that gap. Ultimately I became a business analyst which was just a fancy way of saying I can translate customer speak/needs to technical speak. I made a transition to cyber and found myself as a Security Operations Analyst, during my time in that role I also was introduced to incident response. During a large incident response engagement another team specializing in incident response brought me over to their team, so I continued doing that on a regular basis as well as building up my blue team skills. Finally, I made a move from IT cybersecurity to OT(operational technology) cybersecurity, and that is where I am now.

I intend on my future holding lots of travel opportunities so I can visit new and interesting places. From a professional stand point I look to continue to find a good balance between customer communications and analyst/incident response, and ultimately would love to teach cyber security.

My fun activities include: axe throwing, archery, hiking, swimming, lifting, watching movies, baking, and enjoying time with friends and family.

You only grow when you push yourself beyond your perceived limits. When you demand more from yourself, you will get more. -RX mindset-