Andrea Gallego

Chief Technology Officer, Managing Director, and Partner

BCG - a global consulting firm that uses strategy, technology, and business tools to solve some of the world's biggest challenges.

As CTO, I am the leader of our engineering and product organization globally. As a partner, I help our clients to learn, understand and leverage technology.

I love being able to do something different every day. I love being a good leader for my people, and being around such smart, amazing, caring, and talented people.

I spend one portion of the day on calls with my client teams, brainstorming and coming up with the right answers for our clients. I spend the other part making decisions about our software strategy, hiring engineers, looking at our software security policies, etc.

I took economics and statistics in school and went right into investment banking. I joined Lehman Brothers the same year the banking crisis happened and it collapsed. I was pretty upset so I left the banking world to go work for a very small private foundation helping women and girls. I helped grow that over 3-4 years and I was super inspired to continue to make an impact by using data, not just business/economics. I went back to school for CS and analytics and started my journey in consulting. I went to Booz, then McKinsey and now BCG :) I've really enjoyed the ride so far.

I want to continue to pay it forward and help other girls and women make it into leadership positions. I want to help fix our education system so that colleges of arts and sciences are not so split up. I really think we should all be able to study the arts AND the sciences - it makes us better thinkers, better human beings. I also want to build a vacation home with my fiancé and get two more dogs :)

I'm a long-distance runner and fitness enthusiast- this is my meditation every morning. A good sweat is how I decompress and also mentally prepare for my day. I spend a lot of time with my fiance and my golden retriever pups and I love interior decoration and home renovation! We just re-did our kitchen, two bathrooms, and 3 rooms - and we really enjoy it. We're working on buying and flipping another home now.

“There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." - Madeleine Albright