Caitlin Stanton

Associate Software Engineer

Cruise - We’re building self-driving vehicles to improve life in our cities. They’re safe, shared, and all-electric. Join us as we transform the future of transportation.

I work on the Kernel Frameworks and Accelerators team, which is responsible for all of the FPGA and custom chips in the car. I specifically focus on the sound board by ensuring all peripheral devices are supported

I enjoy working in an emerging industry and learning a ton about hardware and software development .

I start my day by noting my tasks to complete and checking in with my colleagues on the status of their work. My work can vary in writing python code to get access to calibration data on the board. to developing new features in Verilog to make new features (i.e. sound processing). Sometimes I get to test my code on hardware and other times I have to simulate its behavior.

I first got involved in coding through Girls Who Code in high school, though I had also taken a CS course at my school. Girls Who Code showed me how coding can be applied to solve issues, which was more exciting to me than learning theory. After GWC, I continued taking CS courses in high school and interned at AOL. When I applied to college, I became an electrical and computer engineering major since i enjoyed developing software but also wanted to interface with physical hardware. During college, I interned at Girls Who Code, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Lyft Level 5, and Samsung Research America. My interest in self-driving cars started when I interned at Lyft Level 5, and that's what led me to apply to Cruise.

I want to develop my knowledge as an engineer and move up in the ranks of seniority while staying technical in my role. I enjoy public speaking and want to become more engaged in that front. I'm passionate about equity and political activism and want to become more involved in this in my daily life.

I enjoy running, playing with my dog, reading, and baking/cooking. I'm also currently learning how to sew (with a sewing machine) and skateboard.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Mahatma Ghandi