Divyajyoti Jain

Staff Engineer


If you have an Apple MAC laptop , you are using Arm based processor! 😊 I do CPU(Central Processing Unit) Verification on Emulator platforms. CPU is the brain of the computer and I make sure it does what it is supposed to do. If any fixing is required, I raise requests to get it fixed.

I enjoy working on the technology which is adopted worldwide by our partners. It's great to see your work be "productized" and recognized, which inspires you to do better.

I start off my day by looking at emails and replying to those which need urgent attention. After properly sorting my inbox, I start working on the assigned tasks. I also connect with my colleagues to make sure they are not stuck or need my help. I make sure to keep 1 hr per week dedicated to learn something new. Apart from work, I also take time out to stretch and do some neck exercises and maintain a proper ergonomic posture so that I don't face any health-related issues in the future.

After completing my Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, I joined the semiconductor world with Intel. As a recent college graduate, I worked on Full-Chip level on emulator platforms. I enjoyed being in the verification profile, finding bugs, and breaking the design. I want to be the "Evil Validator" who the coders are scared of!

I see myself climbing up the corporate ladder and becoming a people's manager in the future. I gain strength when I empower others. Along with my own growth, I like to see others grow with me.

I network a lot! I talk to a lot of people outside my work to learn what they are doing differently in their day to day life and what I can incorporate in my lifestyle. Apart from that, I spend time with my friends and family, as they are my biggest supporters. Be it any situation, they will always stand by me.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin