Ioana Andrada Sirbu

Senior Payroll Manager


I ensure compliance and people are paid correctly. I’m also a leader who creates other leaders. I'm someone who mentors and coaches others to find their meaning in life and to achieve their goals.

Helping others discover and achieve their goals, as well as find their path in life.

70% of my job is pure payroll: ensuring accuracy on payroll inputs, outputs, correct payments and journal preparation to increase employees’ satisfaction. The remaining 30% is about coaching my team, mentoring them, career action plans preparation, and training, which I love.

I have 3 Bachelor's degrees - in IT, Foreign Languages, and Accounting. I also have a Master's degree in Interpreting and Translation. During my almost 10 years experience in payroll, I can say I’ve been using all of my studies and applied everything I learned - from languages to IT and especially accounting. I’ve done several trainings in payroll, certificates in leaderships, and payroll management to ensure that I can be my best version.

I aim to do more training and get more experience in mentoring and improving my leadership skills, in order to become a career coach.

Training, training, training for career coaching. I have a few hobbies: tennis, beach and pool, hiking, and spending time with my two little daughters.

Be the leader who others have never been; be inspirational, be original, be innovative, and support the others as much as possible through example, training, and opportunities.