Gina Marie Delano

Owner and Founder

Côr Vītaé Beauty

I help women of all ages attain a simple yet impactful self-care routine. My company offers practical beauty solutions for all phases of life that enhances your natural beauty.

I love what I do because I get to help other women see their natural beauty, gifts, and talents. It's important to focus on individual strengths, rather than try to change their looks and be something they're not just to fit in.

I work on a lot of simple, detailed tasks while ebbing and flowing from family to business. Some examples are researching topics/data, price comparing, negotiating, ordering products, budgeting, social media/digital marketing, networking - lots of conversations, emails, learning, filling samples, designing/ printing labels, and packaging products.

It has been a journey of overcoming my own insecurities and learning to speak up for myself and others while asking a lot of questions. I made a career change into beauty in 2009. I have worked with clients in the salon then moved into corporate beauty for some of the most well known brands which has led to starting my own beauty company.

I hope to build a life and business that teaches my two girls and to work side by side with them someday while we empower girls to stand firm in their strength and beauty. I hope to have well established businesses that customers come to trust and rely on.

I love learning, so, I’m always learning. Whether it’s reading , taking a class, or talking to someone with experience. We also have a farm, so we love to spend time outdoors and going for ice cream - just the simple things.

"Try not to be something you’re not and work with what you have."