Neha Saini

Co-Founder at AV Infotech BPO Services

I work for AV Infotech BPO Services. Our organization provides services like outsourcing, data, dialer, VoIP, business campaigns, management services, corporate trainings & managing clients across the globe. We are professionals in sales trainings.

I deal in client management and managing teams.

My biggest motivation is MONEY. Apart from this, I love how my work keeps me engrossed and keeps me driving towards my goals.

I'm a pretty independent worker. I try to follow the methods but end up doing something which is satisfying to me when it comes to driving my work with complete ease.

I worked with clients and customers, and then I met a friend of mine who was in this industry from 8-10 years. We came together and decided to develop our own organization.

I want to take my organization to extreme heights, and be very successful.

I watch movies, web series and if possible go for short trips/drives.

"Find out who you are and be that person. That's what your soul was put on this earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth, and everything else will come." — Ellen DeGeneres