Saniya Pazhyannur

Student, entrepreneur, and GLAM Operations Intern

Girls Leadership Academy Meetup (GLAM Ready To Lead)

As a GLAM Operations Intern, I 'see' the behind-the-scenes of what Team GLAM has to do to prepare for all their events, both virtual and in-person. By supporting what they do, I learn about all the different aspects that go into planning, fundraising, marketing, and overall planning of GLAM programs. I also provide support during GLAM events, either as a mentor or a volunteer, to help ensure that things run smoothly.

I love being able to help girls foster their interest in STEM. As a girl who is in STEM and loves it, I want others to be able to freely enjoy doing what they love. I also believe that women are underrepresented in STEM, so if I can help inspire one girl to consider exploring STEM, then it could lead to a chain reaction of empowerment.

Since I’m a full-time student, a majority of my day is spent at school. When I do work with GLAM, my typical tasks include collaborating and problem-solving with the team to come up with solutions for any current challenges or to add my unique perspective into current situations.

My GLAM journey started as a participant. Back then, I had tons of fun coming up with business ideas and pitching my business with a team. It wasn’t until I started as GLAM mentor that I truly understood how mentoring can change someone's life. From the time I was a participant to the time I became a mentor, I realized how important it is to give back to my community and help others find out what they love to do. I became a GLAM mentor to help girls explore STEM, find out what they love to do, and how they can achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

I don't have a clear path for my future yet. I do know that I want to become an Engineer specialist and work with big car companies to create cool, innovative cars.

In my free time, I love to go riding with my own horse Enzo! We love to compete in shows and show everyone how much we love show jumping. I also love to spend my free time baking delicious ,sweet treats to enjoy with my grandma. I like building Lego sets or architectural structures. I'm working to complete my Lego car collection (do you see the love of STEM and cars?).

“Point is, haters gonna hate. Shake it off. Taylor Swift, always right.” ~Jake Peralta