Disha Ponkiya

Technical Staff Member


I help sellers promote their items on the website and increase their business.

I love working and collaborating with other engineers to build solutions for burning problems.

A day starts with a standup meeting - a quick meeting to share our work status and share if there are any blockers. I am then available to help fellow engineers, have meetings, work on feature development, and collaborate across teams.

After passing high school, I wanted to earn on my own. I started teaching math to junior high school students at the Institution where I studied. I like solving problems and logical questions using various algorithms. That brought me into a software engineering role. I have been working for last 13 years and find it interesting every single day.

I never want to retire from working! I am planning to go back to teaching when I retire officially. :) Teaching feels like giving back to society and helping build a better future generation. :)

I like to be fit so I enjoy working out. I'm always ready for outdoor activities.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." ~ Albert Einstein