Rucha Patel

Senior Software Engineer, MTS2

eBay! I am part of the GraphQL Champions Team within Seller Experience Engineering.

I design and develop programs that people use on eBay to sell things & manage their sales and orders effectively. Some sample programs are smart phone apps ( Apple, android), the website, along with all the "wheels and gears" that are working inside that software. I coach and mentor other developers on the team. I help them do their part in keeping the "selling engineering" car running. :)

I love that in my current role! I get to design new systems with new technologies and get to work on those programs that help sellers to sell their stuff on eBay ore easily. Coaching and mentoring my team is an added responsibility that I value a lot.

In my role, I work very closely with so many other smaller teams. I also work with developer leads and technical managers to develop and deploy software. I also design new systems and code in different languages ( mostly Java, Objective C, swift, Kotlin, GraphQL with Federation architecture ). My typical day involves lots of meetings with other team members, coding, coaching, code reviews, and troubleshooting any bugs or issues etc.

I did my Bachelors degree in Information Technology from India. I came to USA to earn my Masters degree. I got my Masters in Computer Science from Georgia State University. I spend couple of years working as a Software Engineer in healthcare IT company. I continued my journey as Software Developer at Amazon. Then I worked for Disney Parks and Resorts to lead technical development in the Profile Team. Now I'm on the GraphQL Champions Team at eBay!

Professionally, I see myself holding a position where I coach, mentor, and lead the tech teams!

I am very creative by heart. For fun, it depends on my current mood. Sometimes it's baking or decorating cakes. Sometimes, it's canvas painting. Sometimes, it's just sitting back and binge watching sci-fi fantasy series or movies.

A little modified version of Eleanor Roosevelt's famous quote: "You never know how strong you are until you get in hot water.”