Samantha Wall

Digital Strategist

Sam Wall Digital (Digital Marketing & Mentoring)

Providing online marketing strategy & support to a range of organisations

Supporting others to succeed & I love copywriting

It varies! I can be working with a team of digital marketers in a range of specialties, writing content, meeting clients, pitching for business, delivering marketing workshops, as well as attending business & networking events. I also support and coach marketing skills to university students as well as mentor businesses & students voluntarily.

I began in advertising in 1987. I worked for a number of PLCs including Siemens, AMEX & Sainsbury's. I founded & owned 3 marketing businesses (since sold). I now work for myself with a team of digital experts providing websites, public relations (PR), advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and email & content marketing.

I enjoy working within a range of industries. I particularly like working within further education, supporting a range of apprenticeships & digital skills bootcamps aimed at skilling up the UK workforce & providing employment.

Creative writing, running, gym, friends, music & I love animals. I do a lot of mentoring in my spare time & I fundraise & support homeless charities. I also love reading about cosmology and psychology. I’m also a director for a charity which supports those who are neurodivergent in performing arts as a way of self-expression.

The brightest stars are those who shine for the benefit of others ~ Roy T Bennett