Kels Brooks

Audio Engineer


I work with audio digital networks and computer systems to manage sound for live events.

I love the chance to travel and meet new people, as well as working in a niche environment - getting to listen to live music at work is really fun! I work with lots of different musicians and performers and I still get to geek out about the maths and science behind my job, too!

I usually start my day reviewing the progress we've made on the jobs we're working on. Then I look at the pieces of equipment we need. I have a chat with my team about our goals for the day, and we start building our systems! I work with Cisco devices and some audio-specific networking protocols, such as Dante and Optocore. I can be doing anything from setting up networks using Apple Airports and Access Points to cleaning electronics, doing manual repairs, or checking our stock levels.

I completed a BSc in Audio Engineering and an MSc in Computer Science. The MSc was totally optional, but something I did because I enjoyed it! I gained lots of work experience by working as a freelance Audio Engineer, and shadowing other engineers to learn what they do. I also did some extra qualifications, like Dante, AWS, and Pro Tools qualifications.

I'm hoping to work on even bigger gigs in the future, so I can travel more and work on even more live events! Continuing my training is really important for me, so I spend lots of time on CPD (Continued Professional Development) so I can keep learning and honing my skills.

I'm a big F1 and football fan, so I spend lots of time watching races and football matches. I love reading; I'm always trying to get my "to be read" pile smaller so I can buy more books. I love going to gigs when I'm off the clock, too!

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!" ~ Jennifer Lee