Eeshita Grover

Director, Marketing

I work for Cisco. Cisco is a networking technology company that aspires to connect all populations of the world.

I create user content for Cisco's products. With that content, the users learn how to use the products.

To create the content, my team and I love to learn the new products and various technologies. It is exciting to get into solving problems with the several experts and more knowledgeable people.

My time is mostly spent on editing the content my team members create. I also get involved in product planning meetings and discussions.

I come from a Humanities background with a Master's in English Literature. I've been at Cisco for 17 years. I started my career as a Technical Writer with my educational background and my deep interest in Technology. I took on management and lead responsibilities 2 years into my time at Cisco. With Management came the responsibility of taking care of people on my team. I have enjoyed working with many different personalities and very experienced professionals. I always focused on how much learning there was from which I could build on my knowledge, whether it was new products/tech or working with different people and across many different teams.

I aspire to lead the user content creation and delivery for our users and impact usage of Cisco products. I also look forward to mentoring and training young professionals like yourselves.

I spend a lot of time with my family and my pet labradoodle, Rocky. I am a huge TV and movie fanatic. I also enjoy listening to music.

"I am my own competition." (I'm not sure who is responsible for this quote, but it has always resonated with me.)