Trina Limpert


I founded a company to rise up the next level of diverse talent in companies. At RizeNext we assist women in transitioning into tech careers.

We support moms in a program called Tech-Moms, and we consult and train companies on how to hire, train and promote women in their company.

I love seeing women in tech!

Taking to companies, talking to women on how to meet their goals and also work with my team in how we can create the best experiences for the women i. our programs.

I have been in the tech industry for 25 years, I have always worked to help individuals in their careers. I was the President of Women@eBay and also have had lots of great jobs in tech so I knew that more women could benefit from these careers.

Helping rise up more women and diverse talent in their careers.

Hike, mountain bike, snowboard, hunt, fish, hike and hang with my awesome kids & husband.

Women need to know they can have fulfilling careers AND successfully raise their families.