Veronica Toscano

Chief of Staff to Cisco's Chief Privacy Officer

Cisco builds the bridge to possible through powering an inclusive future for all by delivering technology that gives everyone access to opportunity in a secure environment.

As Chief of Staff I lead strategy, planning, and execution of Cisco's privacy priorities. Cisco's mission is to build and maintain trust through embedding our products and processes with privacy by design.

Leveraging my passion for empowering individuals to own their data, I launched 'Ask Veronica' which focuses on consumer tips to improve privacy and cybersecurity posture. CBS aired a segment featuring my 'Ask Veronica' YouTube channel.

I spend my time connecting and collaborating with team members on understanding the problem and finding a solution.

My career journey has not been linear. I have experience in multiple fields: Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Cyber Security, and now Privacy. The secret to landing different paths is shooting your shot - meaning just try it out and see how it goes.

I want to provide access to college for first-generation, low income students.

There are many things I do for fun: 1) I love traveling and visiting historic sites. 2) I enjoy going for walks and hikes. 3) Baking and cooking for friends and family.

"I'd rather shoot my shot then wonder what if!" ~ Veronica Toscano