Huma Hamid

Product Manager

Cisco. Cisco's mission is to shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners. Cisco's core values are “inspiring leaders, creating change, and inclusivity."

I am a Product Manager. I lead the vision for what product ideas our teams should invest in that will add value to our users and help grow our business. I then collaborate with engineering, UX, and business teams to bring those product ideas to life.

The process of building products and the positive impact it creates for our users.

Meetings, presentations, ideation and execution, research, and analysis!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (IT) and a Master's degree in Technology Management. I have 16+ years of experience working at multiple global technology companies as part of their engineering and product teams focused on building scalable platforms and digital products.

I am passionate about building inclusive products, diverse teams, and thriving global communities in support of creating a more inclusive world. Regardless of my role and title, I will be working on my passion in the future!

I am a dog mom. I love decorating my house with indoor plants. I like to travel, take photos, and enjoy trying new food places. I love spending time with my boys (ages 9 and 6).

Stay curious and keep building! (My mantra)