Kimberly Lane Clark

Educator Advocacy Lead

Google For Education Global Impact

I manage all Google For Education Champions, Global Educator Groups, & Reference Schools (including: Trainers, Coaches, & Innovators) globally to advocate and provide educational programming and implementation at scale. I also work with school organizations to make an impactful change through educational technology.

I love working with school districts and teachers!

On a typical day, I am working with school districts assisting them with all things Google For Education.

I was previously an educator for 11 years and a Director in a school district in the later part of my career.

I want to continue working on my purpose and crafting my strengths within Google.

I have a passion for cooking, traveling for different culinary experiences, and am a STEM advocate for addressing the inequities that underrepresented girls face daily.

“Be your true self and speak your truth. Even if it means you are the only one doing it.” ~ Anonymous “Live your truth. Dare to be dream driven.” ~ Anonymous