Jennifer Koonz

Senior Software Engineer


People tell me in words what they'd like to happen, and I convert those words into logical blocks of code.

I love working with incredibly smart people. It gives me lots of opportunities to learn new things every day.

I read documents outlining the desired functionality for my product. Then, I write a design proposal for how I think we should implement it. After sharing that proposal and getting feedback, I convert it into code. I then send that code out for peer review, as well.

I majored in math in college, and even earned a PhD in math, but decided after all that academia was not the right path for me. I applied to lots of different kinds of jobs in lots of sectors (education, finance, software, and government). I chose a job in software at a large company that had the resources to train new hires who might not have a standard computer science background.

I hope to continue to grow and develop new technical skills, and to find lots of opportunities to share these skills with the next generation of women and girls.

Outside of work, I enjoy crafting: knitting, making pop-up cards for special occasions, painting, and glass blowing.

“Always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting.” ~ Larry Page